SOAS University of London

SOAS South Asia Institute

Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka Expertise

Name/Title Area of Expertise 
Cosimo Zene Anthropology of religion, theory in the study of religions, continental philosophy, Gramsci and religion, intercultural and inter religious dialogue, minorities (Dalits), mysticism and heresy; non-western Christianty, Mediterranean anthroplogy; South Asian, Bangladesh, Sardinia
Jonathan Goodhand South and Central Asia; complex political emergencies, humanitarian aid; NGO capacity building, aid, conflict and development
John Steven Bengali Language and Literature; The interconnected histories of modern West Bengal, Bangladesh and Britain; comparative religion and political theology in India and Britain; postcolonial theory; the historical construction of gender, race, class and nation; social, cultural and transnational history
Michael Hutt Nepali language and literature; textual perspectives on change in the Himalayan region; Nepalese art; Bhutanese refugees
Mushtaq Khan Institutional economics and political economy; the economics of rent seeking, corruption and patron-client networks; late industrialisation and the state; governance reform and state formation; the economic development of South Asia in comparative perspective
Nigel Poole Agrifood systems organisation and performance, agricultural economics and supply chain management, agrifood health and nutrition value chain linkages