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Economics Expertise

Name/Title Area of Expertise
Antonio Andreoni
Senior Lecturer in Economics
Production Structures and Capabilities; Learning, Organisations and Innovation; Automation and Robots; Industrial Ecosystems; Linkages, Diversification and Industrial Renewal; Financialisation of manufacturing; Political economy of industrial development; Political settlements and corruption; Structural Economic Dynamics; Global Policy.
Mushtaq Khan
Professor of Economics
South and South East Asia: institutional economics and political economy; the economics of rent seeking, corruption and patron-client networks; late industrialisation and the state
Pallavi Roy
Lecturer in International Economics
Pallavi is a lecturer in International Economics at the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy at SOAS.
Satoshi Miyamura
Senior Lecturer in the Economy of Japan
Regions: South & East Asia. Countries: India, Japan. Subjects: Development economics, Labour economics, Institutional economics, Labour-management bargaining; Research methods in economics.
Sonali Deraniyagala
Lecturer in Economics
South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa: technical change and productivity in manufacturing, industrial policy, the impact of trade liberalisation on manufacturing performance