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India Expertise at the SOAS

Name/Title Area of Expertise 
Alessandra Mezzadri
Senior Lecturer in Development Studies
Neoliberalism; globalisation; industrial restructuring; labour and political economy of India
Almut Hintze
Professor of Zoroastrianism
Zoroastrianism, Avestan and Pahlavi
Amina Yaqin
Senior Lecturer in Urdu and Postcolonial Studies
Urdu language and literature; post colonial literature and theory; gender studies
Avinash Paliwal
Lecturer in Diplomacy and Public Policy
India in Afghanistan from the Soviet Invastion to the US Withdrawal, India's foreign policymaking towards Myanmar since Independence (1947). 
Crispin Branfoot
Reader in the History of South Asian Art & Archaeology
Hindu, Buddhist and Jain Architecture, Sculpture and Painting; Pilgrimage and Sacred Geography, Archaeology and Material Religion; South India
David Mosse
Professor of Social Anthropology
Caste, religion, ritual, vernacular Christianity, environmental history, common property resources, indigenous irrigation, participatory rural development, aid agencies, anthropology of development: India, especially Tamil Nadu, adivasi (tribal) Western India
Edward Simpson
Professor of Social Anthropology
Islam in South Asia; politics, ethnography, and society of Gujarat; social theory and the western Indian Ocean; the ethnography of reconstruction after catastrophic natural disasters
Eleanor Newbigin
Senior Lecturer in the History of Modern South Asia
History of modern South Asia, particularly the transition to independence; gender, family and law in colonial and post-colonial India
Fiona Buckee
Temporary Lecturer in South Asian Art
Origination, evolution and transformation of North Indian temple architecture from 500 – 1100
Francesca Orsini
Professor of Hindi and South Asian Literature
Hindi literature; North Indian literary cultures; Hindi; Urdu
Gurharpal Singh
Professor of Sikh and Punjab Studies
Sikh studies, Religious violence, Religions and development, Multiculturalism with special reference to the management of religious diversity
Heather Elgood
Course Director of the Diploma in Asian Art
Persian, Sultanate and Mughal manuscript painting; Hindu sculpture and the ritual arts of India
James Mallinson
Senior Lecturer in Sanskrit and Classical Indian Studies
Sanskrit, Poetry and Ethnography of Yoga
Jens Lerche
Reader in Agrarian and Labour studies
South Asia; agrarian political economy; rural labour relations; governance and development
Kanika Sharma
Senior Status LLB Tutor
Relation between law and culture in colonial and post-colonial contexts, age of consent debates in India from the late nineteenth century onward.
Martin W Lau
Professor of South Asian Law
Laws of South Asia; comparative environmental law, Islamic law
Mayur Suresh
NALSAR Coordinator 
Anti-terror laws (particularly of South Asia); law and anthropology; legal theory (particularly on theories of emergency legality); sexuality and gender identity in South Asia
Naresh Sharma
Senior Lector in Urdu and Hindi
Hindi and Urdu Language
Navtej Purewal
Reader in Political Sociology and Development Studies
Feminist scholarship and gender in South Asia, including female feticide and routes and barriers to girls’ education; sociology of religion focusing specifically on the region of Punjab across India and Pakistan
Paolo Novak
Lecturer in Development Studies
Trans-nationality with particular reference to migration; refugee regime; borders and NGOs
Peter Mollinga
Professor of Development Studies
South Asia, Central Asia; comparative political sociology of water resources and development; technology and agrarian change; boundary work in natural resources management; interdisciplinary social theory
Peter Flügel
Reader in the Study of Religions
Religion and society in South Asia, Jainism, Jains, minority religions, religion and law, South Asian Diaspora
Peter Robb
Emeritus Professor
The history of modern South Asia; early Calcutta, c. 1780-1830; Indian agrarian history, especially Bihar and Eastern India
Philippe Cullet
Chair, Centre of Law, Environment and Development
International law, environmental law; intellectual property; human rights; natural resources

Dr Priyanka Basu
Research Associate

Theatre, performance and film histories, book history, gender, and dance studies.

Rachel Dwyer
Professorial Research Associate

Hindi Cinema; Indian popular culture; Indian film; Hinduism; new middle classes; Mumbai/Bombay; Gujarati language and literature; Gujarati diaspora especially in the UK and East Africa; comparative Indian literature
Rahul Rao
Senior Lecturer in Politics
International normative theory (with a focus on cosmopolitanism); postcolonial theory; empire globalisation; social movements; international law; human rights (particularly queer rights)
Rakesh Nautiyal
Senior Lector in Hindi
Hindi language
Richard Axelby
Research Associate
India, especially the western Himalayan environmental history, natural resources management, nomadic pastoralism and agrarian change
Richard Widdess
Professor of Musicology
North Indian art-music; history of music in South Asia; Newar music; music theory and analysis
Rochana Bajpai
PhD Research Methods Seminar Co-Convenor

Contemporary political theory, particularly multiculturalism; methodology, particularly political ideologies; modern Indian politics
Roy Fischel
Lecturer in the History of South Asia
History of precolonial South Asia, in particular Muslim polities and societies; the Deccan, 1300-1700; South Asia and the early modern Muslim world
Dr Sanjukta Ghosh
Research Associate
Modern South Asia from the nineteenth century to the present focus on the Bengal Presidency, modern West Bengal and Bangladesh. Agrarian history, decolonisation and international development, urbanisation and cultural heritage practices, Bengali literature, oral tradition, illustrations and art.
Sarah Stewart
Lecturer in Zoroastrianism
Lecturer in Zoroastrianism, with particular reference to the living tradition in Iran and India. 
Satoshi Miyamura
Senior Lecturer
Development economics, Labour economics, Institutional economics, Labour-management bargaining;
Shabnum Tejani
Senior Lecturer in the History of Modern South Asia
19th and 20th century social and intellectual history, particularly of western India; histories of nationalism, communalism and secularism
Sian Hawthorne Religion and Gender, Postcolonial theory (with particular reference to South Asia) and the Study of Religions, Method and Theory in the Study of Religions
Simona Vittorini
Senior Teaching Fellow
Nationalism; South Asian politics; modern Indian politics
Somnath Batabyal
Lecturer in Media in Development and International Journalisms
South Asia with a focus on India; transnational news spheres with a special focus on India; Development discourses in India and its articulation in mainstream and alternate news forums; environmental politics
Stephen P Hughes
Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology
Popular cinema, media theory, historical anthropology and visual anthropology; India, especially the Tamil-speaking south, and Sri Lanka
Subir Sinha
Senior Lecturer in Institutions and Development
South Asia: institutions of development, NGOs, social movements; the environment, common property institutions and resource use
Vanja Hamzić
Senior Lecturer in Legal History and Legal Anthropology
Islamic law and philosophy; family law; tort; human rights; global law and governance; social and legal theory; legal history; legal anthropology; post colonial theory; law and society in South Asia (esp. Pakistan), South East Asia (esp. Indonesia) and the Middle East; theory of art; critical approaches to law and personhood