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SOAS South Asia Institute

Study of Religions Expertise

Name/Title  Area of Expertise 
Almut Hintze
Professor of Zoroastrianism
Zoroastrianism, the religion of pre-Islamic Iran.
Cosimo Zene
Professor in the Study of Religions and World Philosophies
Anthropology of religion, theory in the study of religions, continental philosophy, Gramsci and religion, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, minorities (Dalits), mysticism and heresy, non-Western Christianities, Mediterranean anthropology; South-Asia (India, Bangladesh), Sardinia, world philosophies.
Gurharpal Singh
Professor of Sikh and Punjab Studies
Politics, history, religious studies, Politics of South Asia, Sikh studies, Religious violence, Religions and development, Multiculturalism with special reference to the management of religious diversity
Peter Flügel
Reader in the Study of Religions
Jaina Studies; South Asian History & Culture; Anthropology & Sociology of Religion
Sian Hawthorne
Lecturer in Critical Theory in the Department of Religions and Philosophies

Narrativity; Cultural Memory; Religion and Gender; Feminist Historiography; Postcolonial theory; Postsecularism and gender; Intellectual history in the study of religions.
Theodore Proferes
Senior Lecturer in Ancient Indian Religions
Vedic Ideals
Ulrich Pagel
Reader, Languages and Religions of Tibet and Central Asia
History of Buddhism in Tibet, Mahāyāna Buddhism, Kanjur Studies, Vinaya, Religions of Central Asia, Tibetan, Sanskrit.