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Honorary Appointments

Each year the Institute receives visiting scholars of South Asian studies who wish to be located at SOAS to take advantage of its existing research culture and its excellent South Asian library holdings.  Further information

Professorial Research Associate

Name Research Interest
Prof. Rachel Dwyer Hindi Cinema; Indian popular culture; Indian film; Hinduism; new middle classes; Mumbai/Bombay; Gujarati language and literature; Gujarati diaspora especially in the UK and East Africa; comparative Indian literature
Prof. Michael J Hutt Nepali literature; the Nepali media; Nepali politics; Bhutanese refugees.
Prof. Gurharpal Singh Sikh studies, Religious violence, Religions and development, Multiculturalism with special reference to the management of religious diversity
Professor of Practice

Research Interest
Neelam Hussain Editing and publication of a socio-legal journal ‘Bayan’, Punjabi folktales documented by British folklorists during the Raj, andtranslation from Urdu to English of two novels: ‘Inner Courtyard’ by Khadija Mastur and ‘All Passion Spent’ by Zaheda Hina. 

Research Associates

Research Interests
Jennifer Ung Loh The representation of minority gender and sexual identities in modern South Asia.
Raghav Kishore The transformation of urban governance under colonial rule in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
Sanjukta Ghosh Modern South Asia from the nineteenth century to the present day focus on the Bengal Presidency, modern West Bengal and Bangladesh. These include studies on agrarian and food policies; rural-urban linkages, commodities and consumption; histories of scientific knowledge and practices, press and public sphere; socio-economic and cultural histories of migration, urbanisation and heritage practices that require cross-disciplinary engagement with Bengali literature, oral tradition, illustrations and art.
Priyanka Basu Theatre, performance and film histories, book history, gender,
and dance studies.
Anais Da Fonseca Art and Craft historian specialised in Modern and Contemporary India. 
Asad Ahmed Political and Legal Anthropology, anthropology of liberalism and secularism, anthropology of religion, cultural and populist politics, social and postcolonial theory, film and journalism, Pakistan, South Asia, Islam, Islamic law and Islam in the West.
Aasim Asad State theory, informality, colonial history, and social movements
Madhu Singh South Asian literary culture, Hindi/Urdu Progressive writers, Modernism in Hindi short fiction, Kabir’s mysticism, and South Asian Colonial studies focusing on indigeneity, marginality and colonial representation.
Pascale Schild Politics, disaster, the state, conflict, and peace in Kashmir and its transnational connections. Her current research project ‘Peace for Kashmir? Transnational civilian peacebuilding across the Line of Control” is funded by a mobility grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation.