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Student Profiles

Jen Guha (USA)
Jen Guha

The professors I had were all high quality, and willing to spend the extra time going over concepts, or taking time during class to have in depth discussions.

Amanda Marmot
Amanda Marmot

The teaching focuses not just on lectures, but small discussion groups as well as ready access to individual support and guidance. All within a world-class university, and the library is excellent.

Aishwarya Singh (India)
Aishwarya Singh

The teaching faculty is par excellence….. SOAS rightfully boasts of an exceptionally resourceful library, a paradise of sorts for bookworms and students alike! ….. SOAS has a special place in my heart.

Mohini Gupta
Mohini Gupta

The knowledge and enthusiasm regarding South Asia at SOAS made me proud of belonging to the region as well as embarrassed of how little I knew about it

Xiaoyu Zhang (China)
Xiaoyu Zhang

The course touched different topics and it opened my mind to diversified South Asian cultures, social issues and literature...

Rahul Verma (UK)
Rahul Verma

The MA, course tutors and overall SOAS experience invigorated and inspired me more than I could ever have imagined.