SOAS University of London

South Asia Section, School of Languages, Cultures & Linguistics

The Construction of Public Meaning During Nepal's Democratic Transition

A British Academy Funded Partnership:

This three-year project (2010-13) is based upon a partnership between SOAS in London and Martin Chautari in Kathmandu, with staff exchanges between the two organisations taking place for the purposes of teaching, research and workshop attendance. The project will explore the ways in which the meaning of socio-political events and developments is constructed, conveyed and consumed in Nepal, focusing first upon spheres in which there is already a body of analysis, such as  the print media and FM radio, but also exploring less well developed areas of research such as Nepali theatre, film, rumours and conspiracy theories, TV, poetry and popular song. The project will enhance our understanding of the democratic transition in Nepal, foster increased collaboration between UK- and Nepal-based researchers in these fields, and increase the level of non-Nepali engagement with indigenous Nepali scholarship.  It is led by Michael Hutt of the SOAS South Asia department and Pratyoush Onta of Martin Chautari, who are convening workshops in Kathmandu in September 2011 and in London in 2012.