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Ms Luz Rodriguez

BA (London); MA (London)


Luz Rodriguez
Centre for Iranian Studies

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Ms Luz Rodriguez
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My passion for art research stems from my genuine interest in understanding the world through history of art, beginning with antiquity, through the middle ages and continuing into contemporary art. After gaining that knowledge, I decided to specialise in the beauty, passion and ideas transmitted by the Persian and Indian artists who dedicated their entire lives to creating magnificent miniature paintings in the form of folios, muraqas and manuscripts. The subjects in which I focus my research are pigments and dyes; X-Ray Fluorescent and Multi-Spectra Imaging; text and images in Persian manuscripts; Persian and Indian workshops in Safavid, Mughal India and Lucknow; the East India Company and transfer of manuscript from Persia into India between 17th to early 19th century. For more information: www.luzrodriguez.co.uk