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Kajalie Shehreen Islam

MA (SOAS, University of London); MSS, BSS (University of Dhaka)
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Kajalie Shehreen Islam
Centre for Global Media and Communications

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Ms Kajalie Shehreen Islam
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Wednesday 10-11am in room 575
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Working Title: The use of religion-based rhetoric in anti-liberation discourse during Bangladesh's independence movement
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PhD Research

My research aims to explore the use of religion-based discourse in the mobilization of violence. My focus is on the use of religion-based rhetoric in anti-liberation discourse during Bangladesh’s independence movement in 1971. Forty-four years into the war, with the war crimes trial underway, as well as a resurgence of religion-based politics in the country, the relationship dynamics between politics and religion are becoming increasingly important. As a media and communications student, how religion is used in communication – in the media as well as within informal networks – is of particular interest to me. My project, through a discourse analysis of anti-liberation media content from 1971 (including news, editorials, features, speeches and poetry), backed by interviews, looks at the instrumentalization of religion in the construction of identities, nationalism and the mobilization of political and sexual violence against Bangalis during the nine-month-long war of liberation.  


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Media, religion and conflict; gender communication