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Miss Aida Al Kaisy

BA (Warwick); MA (SOAS, University of London)
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Aida Al Kaisy
Centre for Global Media and Communications

Senior Teaching Fellow

Miss Aida Al Kaisy
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A comparative study of the production practices of the mass media of a country in conflict, Iraq.
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The function of the media in countries undergoing conflict is still under researched. The questions of what become the norms of media practice, what is possible or even relevant in the face of violence,upheaval and war is a huge one and requires a deep consideration of the key factors that impact on practice and as such output.  What role does the media institution and its  practitioners play in the construction of news stories and events relating to the conflict? How do they perform when they themselves exist as part of the social political and cultural processes that unravel around them? Understanding the role that journalists and their practice play in the framing and construction of news events and reality is instrumental in the analysis of media in any context. For a country in conflict it becomes much more complex.

My research project seeks to examine the news production practices of journalists and media professionals working for the state broadcaster in Iraq, Al Iraqiya, and its main competitor, Al Sharqiya, at a time when Iraq is engaged in one of the most important battles for its survival as nation.

This research project will specifically focus on news production practices at two of Iraq’s leading broadcasters and what effect the turmoil in the country has on these practices. Through an ethnographic study of practices, routines and habitus of the newsroom and its inhabitants that combines participant observation and interviews with news producers and media practitioners, this research will attempt to unravel the makeup of the newsrooms, job functions, hierarchies and reporting lines, how news is defined within that environment and what role different positions and characters play in the decision making process that sees content aired. It will look at what impact editorial values and professional standards of journalism have on practice, how journalists decide what is prioritised, included and silenced in the news, and what factors – internal and external – affect their performance.


I am currently in employment at BBC Media Action



Media practices, media activism, media development, public service broadcasting, Middle East, narratives and counter narratives, conflict journalism