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Mr Ahmed Baya

MSc (Liverpool), MSc (Southampton)
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Ahmed Baya
Mr Ahmed Baya
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Studies on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and merger waves : Evidence from USA, Europe and Asia. (Working title).
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The number of M&A’s transactions is increasing exponentially since the first merger wave (1895-1904), which was mainly American, to the last so called fifth wave which spreads between all three regions of US, Europe and Asia.

However, some studies suspected the existence of a sixth merger wave. This last M&A’s wave differs from the previous ones. Plus, in the last few years, the proportion of cross-border transactions relative to the total M&A’s activity has grown significantly.

Those brief observations motivate the aim of my research and my first paper which is studying the merger waves transmission mechanisms between US, Europe and Asia.


Founder & CEO of Startup Mauritania.

Founder & CEO of ISM (Incubator of Startups in Mauritania).


Principles of Management


Ahmed's main research interests are: Corporate Finance, Quantitative Finance, Financial Econometrics, Financial Risk Measurement, Mergers & Acquisitions (merger waves) and International Business.

On the other hand, alongside his studies, Ahmed worked for few years as a consultant in Mauritania.

Ahmed is also very interested in Entrepreneurship and startups world, especially in his country. Thus, he founded recently ʺStartup Mauritaniaʺ : the first accelerator of Startups in Mauritania, in partnership with some public and private institutions in the country (website: Moreover, he is working on the launch of the first Incubator of Startups with a ʺco-working spaceʺ in Mauritania.

Ahmed's main objective is to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country and keep the entrepreneurial community (especially young entrepreneurs) active and growing. He believes that Africa in general has a very strong potential in term of entrepreneurship and that will help the continent come over its major issues like unemployment, poverty, starvation, diseases etc... He is writing a paper at the moment about his entrepreneurial experiences in Mauritania.