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Department of Development Studies

Mr Daniel Marwecki

BA (Magdeburg, Germany), MA (Bremen, Germany)
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Daniel Marwecki
Department of Development Studies

Graduate Teaching Assistant in 2016/17

Centre for Palestine Studies (CPS)

PhD Student Associate Member

Mr Daniel Marwecki
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The German-Israeli Alliance and the Palestine Question. An Examination from the Postwar Era to the Present
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My PhD examines the German-Israeli alliance from its postwar inception until today. It analyzes the reasons for its existence and stability. It assesses the impacts of this alliance on the Israeli position in the Middle East and on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Three questions guide the research: why has the German-Israeli alliance been formed and how can its stability be explained over time? To what degree has German support of the Israeli state been decisive in the build-up of the latter’s hegemonic position in the Middle East? How and why has the German-Israeli alliance impacted on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?


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