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Department of Development Studies

Miss Sibylle Herzig van Wees

BA (SOAS, University of London) MSc (LSHTM)


Sibylle Herzig Van Wees
Miss Sibylle Herzig van Wees
Thesis title:
The Role of Faith Based Health Providers in context of Health Reforms in post-1990 Cameroon
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PhD Research

Christian Faith-based health providers (FBHP) have been increasingly engaged by donors and Ministries of Health in Sub-Saharan Africa in context of market driven health system reforms. It is, however, poorly understood how this has been done and what effects this has had on FBHP and national health system governance. The case study of Cameroon will be used to address why, how and with what effect FBHPs have increasingly been engaged by donors and the Ministry of Health. This PhD aims to contribute to a clearer understanding of the role of FBHPs in the Cameroonian health system and how this role is shaped by current donor policies.