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Pamela Corey

BA (University of California, Irvine), MA (Arizona State), PhD (Cornell)
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Pamela Corey
Department of History of Art and Archaeology, School of Arts

Lecturer in South East Asian Art

School of Arts

Lecturer in South East Asian Art

SOAS Centre of South East Asian Studies

Academic Staff, Centre of South East Asian Studies

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Dr Pamela Corey
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On sabbatical 2018/2019


Pamela Nguyen Corey is an historian of modern and contemporary art, with area expertise in Southeast Asia and Asia more broadly. She received her BA (Studio Art) from the University of California, Irvine, and her PhD (History of Art and Visual Studies) from Cornell University, after which she took up post as Lecturer in South East Asian Art at SOAS. Her research is informed by theories of subjectivity, space, urbanism, postcolonialism, diaspora, globalization, art historiography and aesthetics. Her current book project examines the relationship between contemporary art and urban form in the late and post-Socialist periods in Vietnam and Cambodia, and is drawn from her doctoral dissertation research, which was supported by fellowships from Fulbright-Hays and the Center for Khmer Studies. She has co-organized international conferences at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art (Vietnamese Ceramics: Objects at the Crossroads, 2015) and The MoMA (Contemporary Art in Cambodia: A Historical Inquiry, 2013). Her writings appear in Art Journal, Journal of Asian Studies, Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, Journal of Modern Craft, Udaya, Journal of Khmer Studies, as well as in numerous exhibition catalogues and platforms for art criticism.

At SOAS she is a member of the Centre for South East Asian Studies (CSEAS) and the Centre for Cultural, Literary and Postcolonial Studies (CCLPS). She is currently teaching modules on contemporary art and "the global", and modern and contemporary art within broader Asian as well as more focused Southeast Asian contexts. Her teaching is structured through a thematic and comparative approach, with emphasis on critical methodologies. She also contributes to Themes in the Art and Archaeology of South and Southeast Asia; Critical Readings in Arts and Cultures; Arts, Culture and Commodification: Themes in the Global Creative and Cultural Industries, and Curating the Global Arts.



Modern and contemporary art and critical theory; Southeast Asian art history and visual studies (expertise in Vietnam and Cambodia); urban studies; postcolonial studies; theories of subjectivity, space, diaspora, transnationalism, intermedia and aesthetics.



Corey, Pamela and Taylor, Nora A. (2019) 'Đổi Mới and the Globalization of Vietnamese Art'. Journal of Vietnamese Studies, (14) 1, pp 1-34.

Corey, Pamela (2018) 'Siting the Artist’s Voice'. Art Journal, (77) 4, pp 84-96.

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Corey, Pamela (2012) 'Crafted Signs of Obsolescence: Tuan Andrew Nguyen’s Aesthetic Artifacts'. Art Journal, (71) 3, pp 46-57.

Edited Books or Journals

Herbelin, Caroline and Wisniewski, Beatrice and Dalex, Francoise and Corey, Pamela and Gournay, Antoine and Poisson, Emmanuel, (eds.), (2015) Arts du Vietnam: Nouvelles Approches. Rennes, France: Presses Universitaires de Rennes.

Thompson, Ashley and Corey, Pamela, (eds.), (2014) 'On Modern and Contemporary Cambodian Art and Aesthetics' special issue of Udaya, Journal of Khmer Studies. Norfolk, CT: Friends of Khmer Culture (FOKCI).

Book Chapters

Corey, Pamela (2015) 'Three Propositions for a Regional Profile: The History of Contemporary Art in Ho Chi Minh City.'. In: Herbelin, Caroline and Wisniewski, Beatrice and Dalex, Francoise and Corey, Pamela and Gournay, Antoine and Emmanuel, Poisson, (eds.), Arts du Vietnam: Nouvelles Approches. Rennes, France: Presses Universitaires de Rennes, pp 135-144.

Book Reviews

Corey, Pamela (2018) 'Review of: Southeast Asia in ruins: Art and empire in the early 19th century, by Sarah Tiffin. Singapore: National University of Singapore Press.'. Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, (49) 2, pp 327-328.

Corey, Pamela (2013) 'Review of: Modern and Contemporary Southeast Asian Art: An Anthology. Edited by Nora Taylor and Boreth Ly, and Glimpses of Freedom: Independent Cinema in Southeast Asia. Edited by May Adadol Ingawanij and Benjamin McKay.'. Journal of Asian Studies, (72) 2, pp 497-500.

Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs

Corey, Pamela (2017) Speech, the Still Image, and their Silent Returns in Vandy Rattana’s MONOLOGUE (2015).


Corey, Pamela and O'Connor, Stanley J. (2017) 'Of Poems in a Recalcitrant Landscape: An Interview with Stanley J. O’Connor' Southeast of Now: Directions in Contemporary and Modern Art, 1.

Corey, Pamela (2016) 'Shortlist: Cambodia'.

Corey, Pamela (2016) 'Vandy Rattana: When Time Becomes Still the Landscape will Speak'.

Corey, Pamela (2015) 'Tiffany Chung: Between Imagination and Historicity'.

Corey, Pamela (2014) 'A Biography of a Building: The Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts [Online]'.

Corey, Pamela (2014) 'Metamorphosis' Lý Trần Quỳnh Giang: Where they turn to, December 11-30, 2014..

Corey, Pamela (2014) 'Nguyen Thai Tuan’s Abject Frames'.

Corey, Pamela (2013) 'An Assemblage of Future Relics: Tiffany Chung’s Affective Excavations'.

Corey, Pamela (2013) 'Urban Imaginaries in Cambodian Contemporary Art'.


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