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Mr Amin Hashemi

BSc (University of Tehran), MA (Azad, Tehran Central Branch of Art and Architecture)
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Amin Hashemi
Centre for Iranian Studies

PhD Student Associate Member

Mr Amin Hashemi
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Discourses in Popular Music of Post-Revolution Iran
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Amin is currently a PhD candidate at Centre for Media Studies. He started his research at SOAS as a Felix scholar. His research is focused on the articulation of contemporary popular culture in Iran. He is specialised in music studies as intersected with issues of politics, culture and identity. He is a taught/research MA graduate from Tehran. He has submitted his MA dissertation on “Return to The Self” Discourse in Music of Pahlavi II Era (the 1960s) and examined how policies, artistic values and self awareness fundamentally changed the context and content of the classical Iranian music. Now, Amin is focused on nowadays music in Iran and has contributed to academic international conferences such as Ideology and Discourse Analysis International Conference 2017 and International Association of the Study of Popular Music conference 2017. His PhD is a discursive analysis of articulation, manipulation and impediment of popular music in Iran since 2013.

PhD Research

An understanding of produced and reproduced structures and dynamics of power relations in current popular music discourses; Iran, 2013-17. Fieldwork is formed of two sections. One involves interviewing with some decision makers, artists, journalists and authors while the other section digs into a huge pile of published public papers such as magazines, newspapers, news websites and etc.


  • “Understanding Power and Resistance through Popular Music”, 2017, Systematische Musikwissenschaft, Springer.
  • “A Discursive Study of Music in Iran during the 1960s”, Feb.-Mar. 2016, The Middle East in London


  • June 2017 “Understanding Power and Resistance through Popular Music”, at 19th IASPM biennial 2017, Kassel, Germany.
  • June 2017 "The Struggle between the Popular and Populism: Contemporary Iranian Urban Popular Culture versus the State’s qua Theocracy", at Populism and ‘Constructing a People’: Ideology and Discourse Analysis International Conference 2017, University of Essex, UK.
  • May 2017 "Mathematics of Separation: Identities Outside the Orthodox Framework of Power and Resistant in Iran through Digital Music", at Music, Technology and Digital Cultures in the Middle East and North Africa One-Day Conference, City University of London, UK.
  • June 2016 “Cultural Policies in Iranian Popular Music”, at LSE Media and Communication PhD Symposium, UK.
  • March 2016 “Discourses in Popular Music of Post-Revolution Iran”, at CAMRI Joint PhD Symposium, University of Westminster, London, UK.
  • May 2015 “Deconstructing the Popular Music of Post-Revolution Iran”, at School for All Seasons: contested visions and political dynamics, SOAS, London, UK.


  • Association for Iranian Studies
  • Centre for Iranian Studies at SOAS
  • International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM UK)


  • Everyday Life
  • Cultural Studies
  • Popular Culture
  • Popular Music
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Iran