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Miss Loreley Hahn-Herrera

BA Communication Sciences - National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM); MA in Near and Middle Eastern Studies (SOAS, University of London)
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Loreley Hahn Herrera
Centre for Palestine Studies (CPS)

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Centre for Global Media and Communications

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Miss Loreley Hahn-Herrera
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Social movement’s reliance on collective action is at the centre stage in today’s identity politics, but have online networks and communication replaced the old ways of mobilising and achieving social change? Using the case of the largest pro-Palestinian organisation in the UK, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), this research explores the different layers and communication strategies that come into play when attempting to ncrease support for the Palestinian cause in Britain.

Building on sociological conceptualisations of the discursive construction of meaning and its institutionalisation, as well as Social Movement Theory’s frame analysis, this work analyses a year of Facebook posts by the PSC in its attempt to legitimise itself and its message and challenge mainstream media and traditional narratives of the Palestinian cause, in the changing context of Brexit and Donald Trump’s presidency. Through an ethnography of production, content and discourse analysis based on Teun A. van Dijk’s analysis of news, the work aims to show the different ways in which the Palestinian cause is framed by an organisation trying to
contribute to the global solidarity with Palestine, as well as provide insight into the challenges and advantages that social media provide for online and offline organisation of protest and the construction of a self-narrative that challenges the status quo. Thus, this academic work aspires to be not only an exploration into in which it develops, but also a tool for activists to continue their fight both online and offline.


• Histories of solidarity with Palestine; a frame analysis of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Re-imagining Cultural Histories of the Middle East and North Africa. University of Westminster. 06/2018
• Unifying the struggle. Mexican solidarity with Palestine in the current political context. Lecture given at the Centre for the Study of Asia and Africa in Colegio de Mexico (ColMex). 02/2017
• Pro-Palestinian Activism and Social Media in the UK. Annual Palestine Research Seminar. Centre for Palestine Studies SOAS. 05/2016
• BICOM’s Narrative Battle: The Fight for British Public Opinion during Operation Protective Edge. The Gaza Strip: History, Future and New Directions for Research. SOAS. 10/2015


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