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Dr Maria Grazia Tosto

PhD; MSc; BSc(Hons)
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Maria Tosco
Department of Politics and International Studies

Senior Teaching Fellow

Dr Maria Grazia Tosto
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Tuesdays 4-5pm in room 221 or by appointment


While pursuing my PhD I was employed as Research Assistant at the MRC Social Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry centre, at the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London - in Professor Robert Plomin's team. After my PhD I was a postdoctoral researcher at InLab, the research group based at Goldsmiths College and at the University of York. I have been visiting lecturer at Goldsmiths and Birkbeck teaching on various psychology topics, mathematical cognition, methodology and statistics (qualitative and quantitative) and behavioural genetics. I am currently Invited Associate Editor for the Theoretical and Experimental Psychology Journal (Teoreticheskaya i Eksperimentalnaya Psihologiya). I joined SOAS in October 2015.



What drives people to do and behave the way they do? To what extent do environments shape us? I am interested in unweaving and understanding the interplay between nature (biology) and nurture (environments). I believe that understanding how different environments interact with people's nature will help us to understand human behaviour and social interactions.

My research focused on individual differences in learning and environments associated with learning. I combine quantitative and qualitative methods for my investigations.