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Mr Dominic Rowland


Dominic Rowland
Mr Dominic Rowland
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Palm oil and the demise of swidden agriculture: The effects of agrarian change on food security and nutrition in West Kalimantan, Indonesia.
Year of Study:
2015/16 (year of entry)
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This study aims to explore the nutritional implications of the agrarian transitions primarily driven by the expansion of commercial oil palm estates in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. It examines the consequences of three agrarian transitions: the transition from shifting cultivation to permanent agriculture, agricultural commercialization and the transition from subsistence crops to cash crops, and the replacement of agrarian livelihoods with waged labour on plantations. This research is situated within the context of “Land-Sharing vs Land Sparing”, a debate over the optimum landscape approach to increase food security whilst conserving biodiversity. It will use as primary methodological tools dietary intake surveys, anthropometric and biochemical indicators of nutrition and farm production surveys, as well as qualitative research exploring the drivers and effects of agrarian change.