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Mr Francesco Salustri


Francesco Salustri
Mr Francesco Salustri
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The Vote with the Wallet
Year of Study:
2014/15 (Visiting Research Student)
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Leonardo Becchetti

PhD Research

Can individuals boost certain companies’ policies through their socially responsible consumption? This research rests on the assumption that individuals have considerable power in rewarding social and environmental responsible companies by directing their demand towards goods and services produced by those. We call this phenomenon vote with the wallet. This research aims to model the vote with the wallet as a game in which individual consumption behaviour is influenced not only by products characteristics but also by many other factors such as other individuals’ consumption, the fact of being part of a coalition of consumers, and revealed information about companies’ reputation. To investigate the vote with the wallet behaviour, we also run three experiments to test how government interventions and revelation of a coalition of voters with the wallet may affect the overall consumer behaviour.