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Mr Richard F. Akum

MA (AU-Cairo), MA (AU/SIS-Washington DC)
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Richard Akum
Mr Richard F. Akum
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Order, Authority and Social Control: Borderland Dynamics and Postwar Statebuilding in Liberia
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Richard Fonteh Akum is a PhD student in the Department of Politics and International Studies.

PhD Research

This study explores international statebuilding in practice as comprising multi-centered sites of disaggregated recursive encounters. These patterns emerge from the mutual transforming outcomes of engagement between varied interest-driven borderland social actors; the emergent disaggregated postwar state; and policy-driven interventionary postwar statebuilding architects and processes. International statebuilding constitutes a distinct set of top-down ordering processes that seek to re-monopolize the legitimate use of violence within an autonomous and centralized rational-legal authority (the state) while enhancing its relations to society. The centrality of borderland dynamics to postwar statebuilding outcomes is thus based on configurative (constitutive), interactive and process-related assumptions. For, it is within liminal borderland spaces that the authority of the re-emergent postwar sovereign and its ability to exercise effective territorial control is continually tested.

Turning the interpretive lens to how borderland communities engage with postwar statebuilding, this research project elucidates the implications of social ordering processes that take place outside the state – yet in engagement with the state and international actors – on the consolidation of international statebuilding. These ordering processes inscribed in routine daily practices at the state’s margins – its borderlands – are often historically embedded, socially organized, structurally amorphous and largely informal. A comparative political ethnography based on two borderland research sites – Foya (Lofa County) and Ganta (Nimba County) – evidences co-existing processes of informal ordering and ordering of informality, which result in the crystallization of embedded authority and social controls. Far from generating hybrid governance mechanisms within broader international statebuilding frameworks, they evolve arenas of domination and opposition. These arenas evidence the sophisticated appropriation of international statebuilding by spatially, symbolically and socially embedded borderland actors.


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  • Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa
  • Royal African Society
  • British International Studies Association – Africa Working Group
  • African Studies Association (USA)
  • Africa Borderland Research Network
  • International Association for Peace and Conflict Studies


Everyday Patterns of Society-State Interaction; International Intervention; Statebuilding; Peacebuilding; Political Ethnography; Borders and Borderlands; Resilience.