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Mr Rudder Jenkins

BS (Liberty), MA (Gordon Conwell), MA (Gordon Conwell)


Rudder Jenkins
Mr Rudder Jenkins
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Intra-Christian Dialogue After the Arab Conquest: Accusation and Polemic Engendered by Islam
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This project is centered on the fact that the Arab Conquest reunited the three main Christological traditions (Chalcedonian or Melkite, Miaphysite or Syrian Orthodox, and Strict Dyophysite or Church of the East) under the same authority and geographical location.  Christians no longer were in a place of power and had to deal with a secondary equality in their new found dhimmi status.  What this caused was a re-invigoration of old theological battles and a foundation for new battles in relation to the new theological challenges posed by Islam  I intend to focus on major figures from each of the these traditions who wrote extensively in defense of their position against rival Christian groups.  My larger goal is to see how Islam engendered and effected intra-Christian dialogue between these groups.  And more specifically, I will focus on three time periods that coincide with the maturation of Islamic thought and a clearer understanding of Islam by Christians.  The purpose being to see if intra-Christian dialogue engendered by Islam changed due to the aforementioned maturation and understanding.