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Mohamad El Merheb

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Mohamad El Merheb
Mr Mohamad El Merheb
Thesis title:
Political Thought in the Late Ayyubid and Early Mamluk Period: The Road to Ibn Jamāʿa and Beyond
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Konrad Hirschler

PhD Research

My research project examines the development of political thought during the late Ayyūbid and early Mamlūk period. The study of medieval Islamic political thought extends beyond treatises explicitly dedicated to justifying already accomplished political transformations. My research revisits the participation of scholars (ʿulamāʾ) in the political sphere and its effects on political thought in the Near and Middle East. It is an analysis of the road that led to the formation of this thought as much as it is a study of the thought itself; as such, it deals with various political and social transformations of the thirteenth century. My other research interests include the Seventh Crusade, Saint Louis, and cross-cultural transfer in the medieval Mediterranean.


  •  “Louis IX in Medieval Arabic Sources: The Saint, the King, and the Sicilian Connection.” Al-Masāq 28, no. 3 (September 1, 2016), pp. 282–301.


  • ‘Criticising the Saint: Western Influence on the Muslim Narrative of the Seventh Crusade.’ Third Annual Conference of the British Association for Islamic Studies (BRAIS). London, 11-12 April 2016