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Department of History, School of History, Religions & Philosophies

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Dr Mohamad El Merheb
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My research area is Middle Eastern history in the Middle Period (c. 1100-1500). In my work I focus in particular on the history of Islamic political thought, especially under the Mamluks, Ayyubids, and Seljuks. I am interested in the ideal of ‘the rule of law’ as expressed in Islamic advice literature but also in the wider Eastern-Mediterranean political tradition. My other research interests include the ‘Crusader’ period (for instance the depiction of Frankish kings such as Louis IX and Frederic II in Islamicate historiography) and professional mobility in the pre-modern Islamic world. 


  • Louis IX in Medieval Arabic Sources: The Saint, the King, and the Sicilian Connection,” Al-Masāq 28, no. 3 (2016), pp. 282–301.
  • There is no just ruler at this time! Political Censure in Pre-Modern Islamic Juristic Discourses,” in Kritik am Herrscher in vormodernen monarchischen Gesellschaften – Criticizing the Ruler in Pre-Modern Monarchical Societies,  Karina Kellermann, Alheydis Plassmann, Christian Schwermann, eds., V&R Bonn University Press 2019 (Macht und Herrschaft), pp. 349-375.

 In Progress

  • Professional Mobility in the Islamic Lands (900-1600): ʿUlamāʾ, Udabāʾ, and Administrators, Mohamad El Merheb and Mehdi Berriah, eds., Handbook of Oriental Studies. Section One, the Near and Middle East (Leiden: Brill). 



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