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Sangwon Shin

BA History and Archeology (Inje University), MA History (SOAS, University of London)


Sangwon Shin
Sangwon Shin
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I have pursued BA in History and Archaeology back in my home country, Korea, and continued my study at SOAS. My master’s thesis was on Korean nobi (slave, 奴婢) in late the Chosŏn dynasty - the socio-economic transition of nobi population after the Imjin War (1592-1598). My academic interest is in social status and structures that existed in Korea in the late Chosŏn dynasty (18-19th centuries).

PhD Research

My current research is on the continuity of nobi (slave, 奴婢) status within the legal system of Chosŏn in the 19th century focusing on textual and actual dimensions. Researching the legal system of Chosŏn Korea, including codes, reports of court cases, wills and census returns, might offer a better understanding of other aspects, customs and Confucian notions relevant to the continuity of privately-owned nobi status. This research explores how the system of privately-owned nobi continued while the government-owned nobi was abolished in the Chosŏn dynasty.