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Mr Joshua Rogers
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Joshua Rogers is a Doctoral candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant at SOAS, where he works on dynamics of state formation under conditions of conflict and external intervention and teaches and lectures on the political economy of violence, conflict and development. Joshua’s regional expertise is in the Middle East and North Africa and other research interests include protest and mobilisation and war to peace transitions. He has published on the mechanisms linking conflict and state-formation, Egypt’s statebuilding in Yemen, youth demands in Yemen’s change squares, and a range of other topics. Joshua  holds a BA from Oxford University and completed his MA at the Free University in Berlin and Sciences Po Paris. He has done work for Saferworld, DfID, the OECD, and the EU Delegation in Sana’a.


Book Chapters and Articles

2018 (forthcoming). “Importing the Revolution: Institutional change and the Egyptian presence in Yemen 1962-1967”. In The Gulfization of the Arab World, edited by Marc Jones, Ross Porter, and Marc Valeri, 113-133. Gerlach: Berlin and London.

2018 (forthcoming). “Vom Imamat zur Arabischen Republik: Fiskalpolitische Transformationen von Staatlichkeit im Nordjemen” (From the Imamate to the Arab Republic: Fiscal transformations of statehood in north Yemen). Jemen Report 49.

2016. “The Making of the Tribal Republic: North Yemen’s Tribes and Central Authority during the Civil War 1962–1970.” British-Yemeni Society Journal 24: 12-18.


Reports and Working Papers

2018. “Local militias and dynamics of state formation: the case of north Yemen 1962-1970”. Paper prepared for the PhD Workshop on Violence, Conflict and Development, SOAS, University of London 16.01.2018.

2016. Civil War and State Formation: linkages and potential causality. Swiss Peace Working Paper Series 3/2016.

with Saleem Haddad and Hannah Wright. 2013. “It’s dangerous to be the first:” security barriers to women’s political participation in Egypt, Libya and Yemen, Saferworld: London.

with Saleem Haddad. 2012. Moving Beyond Promises: Perceptions, Priorities and Participation of Youth in Yemen’s Transition, Saferworld: London.

with Saleem Haddad. 2011. “Public protest and visions for change: Yemen,” People's Peacemaking Perspectives Series, Saferworld: London.

2011. Shooting Citizens—Saving Regimes? A Case-Centred Approach to the Puzzle of Protest-Repression Interactions, Center for Middle Eastern and North African Politics Working Paper Series No.3, Free University of Berlin.

with Kathrin Wittler. 2009. Muhammed Ali à Berlin: Une étude de Gerhard Höpp, éditée et complétée par Joshua Rogers et KathrinWittler, Fondation Friedrich Ebert: Tunis.

2008. “There is no Room for a Religious Party:” Negotiating the Islamist Challenge to State Legitimacy in Tunisia, 1987-91, German Institute for Global and Area Studies: Hamburg.


Reviews and Opinion Pieces

2018 ( forthcoming). “How we got into this mess: Yemen and the Search for Stability explores the 2011-2014 transition and how it unravelled”. Jemen Report 49.

2015. “Yemen’s First Civil War Offers Lessons for Ending the Country’s Current Conflict”.

2015. “Obituary: Richard von Weizsäcker 1920-2015”. Balliol Annual Record 2015.



Political economy of conflict; Middle East and North Africa; Yemen; state-formation and state-building in conflict settings