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Dr Gregor Semieniuk

BA (Dresden), MSc, PhD (New School for Social Research, New York City)
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Gregor Semieniuk
Department of Economics

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Dr Gregor Semieniuk
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Dr Gregor Semieniuk is a Lecturer in Economics at SOAS, University of London, and the Economics Department's Undergraduate Admissions Tutor. Gregor is also currently Honorary Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose at UCL and Associate Research Faculty at the Science Policy Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex. He is a lead author on UNEP’s 2018 Emission Gap Report on low-carbon innovation policy. Before joining SOAS, he studied the financing of technical change and innovation in the renewable energy industry as a Research Fellow at SPRU on the Horizon 2020 project DOLFINS - Distributed Global Financial Systems for Society. A Foreign Fulbright Fellow, Gregor completed his PhD in Economics at the New School for Social Research in New York City, where part of his research informed the modelling of energy in aggregate economic growth for the INET-funded project Growth, Distribution and Stability.

Current research projects study the drivers of low carbon investment, the energy intensity of economic growth, both in the world in general and in particular in China during its reform years, and the salience of different inequality measures contingent on the social context.

Research output is listed in the ‘publications’ tab. Additional information is being gradually added to a personal website.



Growth and distribution; theory of competition; finance and innovation in the energy sector; Bayesian inference



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Book Chapters

Scharfenaker, Ellis and Semieniuk, Gregor (2015) 'A Mixture Model for Filtering Firms' Profit Rates'. In: Frühwirth-Schnatter, Sylvia and Bitto, Angela and Kastner, Gregor and Posekany, Alexandra, (eds.), Bayesian Statistics from Methods to Models and Applications. Cham: Springer International Publishing, pp 153-164.

Semieniuk, Gregor and van Treeck, Till and Truger, Achim (2012) 'Nothing learned from the crisis? Some remarks on the stability programmes 2011–2014 of the Euro area governments'. In: Jespersen, Jesper and Madsen, Mogens, (eds.), Keynes’s General Theory for Today. London: Edward Elgar Publishing, pp 186-206.

Monographs and Working Papers

Semieniuk, Gregor and Campiglio, Emanuele and Mercure, Jean-Francois and Volz, Ulrich and Edwards, Neil R. (2020) Low-carbon Transition Risks for Finance. London: SOAS Department of Economics Working Paper No. 233.

Semieniuk, Gregor (2018) Energy in Economic Growth: Is Faster Growth Greener?. London: SOAS Department of Economics Working Paper Series; No. 208.

Semieniuk, Gregor (2016) Fossil energy in economic growth: A study of the energy direction of technical change, 1950-2012. University of Sussex: SPRU - Science Policy Research Unit Working Paper 2016-11.

Semieniuk, Gregor (2012) Still focused on public deficits. Some remarks on the euro area stability programmes 2012-2015. Düsseldorf: Macroeconomic Policy Institute: Working Paper 101.


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