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Jessica Siu-yin Yeung

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Jessica Siu-yin Yeung
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Thesis title:
Semiotics of Allegory: Homosexuality in Contemporary Asian Novel and Cinema (Taiwan and Hong Kong)
Year of Study:
Year 4
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Book Chapters (refereed):

Pei-yu Chen, Jessica Siu-yin Yeung, Jun-hong Yong, Bo-yun Xie, Song-yong Sing, and Yi-pei Tu. “蔡明亮電影研究學術文獻 (Academic Literature on Tsai Ming-liang Film Studies).”《蔡明亮的十三張臉:華語電影研究的當代面孔》(Thinking with Tsai Ming-Liang: 13 Faces of Contemporary Chinese Cinema Studies), edited by Song-yong Sing and Hsuan-chun Tseng. Trans. Wen-cheng Tsai. 437-52. Taipei: National Chiao Tung University Press, 2021.

“(Re)canonizing World Literature with Digital Archives and Online Magazines from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China.” Humans at Work in the Digital Age: Forms of Digital Textual Labor. Ed. Andrew Pilsch and Shawna Ross. 223-38. London: Routledge, 2019.

“Ann Hui’s Allegorical Cinema.” Cultural Conflict in Hong Kong: Angles on a Coherent Imaginary. Ed. Jason S. Polley, Vinton Poon, and Lian-Hee Wee. 87-104. Singapore: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.

Articles (refereed):

“Intermedial Translation as Circulation: Chu Tien-wen, Taiwan New Cinema, and Taiwan Literature.” Scale Shifting: New Insights into Global Literary Circulation (a special issue of Journal of World Literature), eds. Wiebke Sievers and Peggy Levitt. 5.4 (2020): 568-86.

“IABA Graduate Student and New Scholar Forum: Remaking Obscure Lives as Prosopography in Blogazine.” What’s Next?: The Futures of Auto/Biography Studies, a special issue of a/b: Auto/Biography Studies 32.2 (2017), 406-407.

“Collaboration and Cultural Production in Hyde Park Gate News and The Charleston Bulletin.” Virginia Woolf Miscellany 89 (Spring 2016): 14-16.

Book Reviews (refereed):

“A Review of Hu Ying’s Burying Autumn: Poetry, Friendship, and Loss. Cambridge, United States: Harvard University Asia Center, 2016.” Life Writing. 3 Oct 2017.

“Ben’s Fairy Tales.” The Modernist Review. [Rev. of The Storyteller: Tales out of Loneliness by Walter Benjamin].

Translation (refereed):

English to Chinese

「永遠在邊緣永遠在過渡:樓梯城市香港」Chinese translation of the essay “Always Liminal, Always in Transition: Hong Kong as Staircase City” by Louis Lo. Hong Kong Stair Archive. Ed. Melissa Cate Christ, Susanne Trumpf, and Carmi Lam. (forthcoming)



“Hong Kong Popular Fiction as Minor: Cultural Identity and the Limits of Translation and Adaptation in Ni Kuang’s Zhuilong (Chasing the Dragon) and Yi Shu’s Shangchengji (The Wounded City).” Abstract accepted by the organisers of the international conference “World Literature and the Minor: Figuration, Circulation, Translation.” University of Leuven, Belgium. Online (due to COVID-19). 6-7 May, 2021. (forthcoming)

“Hong Kong Literature and the Taiwanese Encounter: Literary Magazines, Popular Literature, and Shih Shu-ching’s Hong Kong Stories.” Abstract accepted by the organisers of the Inaugural Biennial Conference of the Society of Sinophone Studies—Multisensory Dissent & Alliance Building. University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA. Online (due to COVID-19). 23-24 April, 2021. (forthcoming)

“Intermedial Translation as Circulation: Chu Tien-wen, Taiwan New Cinema, and Taiwan Literature.” An invited talk as part of the project Sinophone Borderlands – Interaction at the Edges project at the Department of Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts, Palacký University Olomouc. Czech Republic. Online (due to COVID-19). 15 March, 2021.

“Introduction to Taiwan Literature and Cinema.” A guest lecture for the B.A. Core Module "ML 1369 China, Greater China and China Overseas." Chinese Department, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK. Online (due to COVDI-19). 10 March, 2021.

“Semiotics of Allegory: Homosexuality in the Contemporary East Asian Novel and Cinema (Hong Kong and Taiwan).” Nationalisms & Identities Research Group (UnCaNI). University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK. Online (due to COVID-19). 8 March, 2021.

“Intermedial Translation as Circulation: Chu Tien-wen, Taiwan New Cinema, and Taiwan Literature.” Paper presented at the 13th Annual Centre of Taiwan Studies Summer School, SOAS University of London. London, United Kingdom. Online (due to COVID-19). 6-10 July, 2020.

“(Re)canonizing World Literature with Digital Archives and Magazines from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China.” 24th Annual Conference of the North American Taiwan Studies Association—Beyond an Island: Taiwan in Comparative Perspective. University of Texas at Austin, USA. 24-26 May 2018. (funded by NATSA)

“Inter-Asian Comparison, Fragment as Nation, and Allegory.” (Re)Creating A Global Literary Canon. University of Vienna. Vienna. 14-15 December 2017. (funded by the University of Vienna)

“Inter-Asian Comparison and the Future of World Literature.” World Literature and Global Core Texts. Singapore University of Technology and Design. Singapore. 26-27 Jun 2017. (funded by SUTD and BCLA)

“Politics of Censorship and Soft Power in Ann Hui’s Post-CEPA films.” Cinema, Soft Power and Geo-Political Change. Carriageworks Theatre, Leeds. Leeds, United Kingdom. 19-21 Jun 2017. (funded by the University of Leeds)

“Female Allegory in Virginia Woolf’s Between the Acts and Chu Tien-wen’s Notes of a Desolate Man.” Redefining Allegory: The Meaning of Allegory Now. Queen Mary, University of London. 24 Sep 2016.


  • British Comparative Literature Association
  • Society for Hong Kong Studies (Hong Kong)
  • Hong Kong Studies Association (United Kingdom)
  • Society of Sinophone Studies
  • Nationalisms & Identities Research Group (UnCaNI), University of Cambridge


  • East-East/West Comparative Studies
  • Literature and Visual Cultures of Taiwan and Hong Kong
  • World Literature
  • Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Intertextuality