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Hannah Bennett

BA (Oxford), MA (SOAS), MPhil (Cambridge)


Hannah Bennett
Hannah Bennett
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Golf Course Culture in China: An Exploration of Gender, Class, and Social Stratification (working title)
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On the surface, a study of golf may appear whimsical. However, by framing it as a socially constituted leisure activity rather than focusing on the technicalities of the sport, this project acts as a lens through which to view a number of complex issues located at the forefront of the anthropology of China: issues such as gender, class, and migration. This thesis takes the example of caddies as a micro-exploration to enable macro-analysis. Though often seen as on the fringes of society, the golf industry has seen growth despite governmental moratoriums. This has caused golf in China to be in a period of ‘spring’: of growth, transformation, and adaptation. Indeed, as the golf industry has adapted, so too have caddie employment practices reacted to the unsteady position of golf in China and responded to recruitment issues caused by the one child policy and increased university attendance. This research is based on fieldwork spent training as a caddie at a golf course in Southern China, and interviews with many engaged in the industry.