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Dalal S Al-Baroud

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Dalal S Al-Baroud
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Reflections on the Dialogue with the Divine: A Comparative Study of Muslim and Christian Sources
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During my years in college, I worked as a writer and a presenter of literary programs in one of Kuwait's national radio stations. I also participated in writing and presenting TV programmes focused on Arabic poetry in various private TV channels. After receiving my BA in Arabic literature, I worked as an Arabic language teacher in a public middle school from 2010 to late 2012. I moved to London in 2012 to do my Academic English Diploma at UCL. In 2014, I completed my MA in comparative literature at SOAS and started my Mphil. Outside the world of academia, I am most known as an Arabic poetess with poetry readings throughout the Arab world.

PhD Research

My research focuses on dialogue and its allusions in mystical poetry. This study offers a modern theoretical framework for examining hidden signs and unsaid concepts in direct dialogue with the Divine in Sufi literary works in an effort to explore their relation to religious and political authority.

My thesis aims to inspect more closely mystical writers who have rarely been studied, such as al-Suhrawardī and al-Niffarī, introducing their work through a linguistic and literary analysis, forging their language and particular usages into that of the field through a comprehensive analysis of their philosophical and mystical views.


  • Arabic Poetry (classic/ modern/ mystical)
  • Dialogue
  • Sufism/ Mysticism
  • Poetic Theater
  • Women Literature