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Mr Davide Latini

BA (Urbino), MA (Venice)
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Davide Latini
Mr Davide Latini
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Reconstruction and Symbolic Analysis of the Ancient Chinese Myths [Working Title]
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I am a research student from Italy. After I obtained a BA in Foreign Cultures and Languages (Chinese and English) at Carlo Bo University of Urbino, during my MA I focused on classical Chinese studies, especially philosophy and mythology. My interest in these disciplines is now fueling my research on ancient Chinese mythology at SOAS.

PhD Research

My research is focused on the analysis of Chinese myths in literary texts framed in a time span comprised between the Zhou 周 period (1046-256 BCE) and the Han 漢 period (206 BC–220 AD). The narratives will be approached mainly from a structural standpoint, examining the way in which they are related and the modalities through which they convey their meaning. The research is composed of three interdependent levels: comparative analysis of a wide corpus of mythic accounts, identification of common structural patterns, and study of the nature of the relationship they have with the texts in which they appear and with the intellectual context. The aim of this study is to discover in which way and to what extent the signification structures of myth embedded in the texts express the concerns of the Ancient Chinese, and to clarify the nature of these concerns by analyzing the process through which they are charged with axiological evaluations. Classifying the symbols emerged from the examination of mythic accounts into qualitatively and relationally analyzable structures may be of aid in understanding the conceptual and rhetorical means by which the Ancient Chinese construed reality and codified ways of interaction with it.