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Dr Pierre-Louis Vezina

PhD in International Economics from the Graduate Institute in Geneva.


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Dr Pierre-Louis Vezina
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Dr. Vezina is a Lecturer in Economics affiliated with the International Development Institute and the Department of Political Economy at King’s College London.

Previously he was lecturer at the University of Birmingham and Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. His research interests include international trade, development, migration and corruption. He has been a consultant for the World Bank.

He is also Assistant Editor at

Dr. Vezina is an applied-micro economist who uses natural experiments and novel datasets to get a better grasp of policy issues in trade and development. For example, his latest working paper uses the exodus of the Vietnamese Boat People as a natural experiment to establish causal evidence of a long-run developmental impact of immigration, i.e. export creation.

His research also often shows that trade policies can impact developing countries in many unexpected ways. In a recent co-authored paper in the Journal of Development Economics he showed that the combination of US trade preferences for Africa with quotas on China has inadvertently transformed Africa into a trade corridor for Chinese apparel exporters.

His most current projects are on production fragmentation and development in Factory Asia, on the politics of China’s trade with Africa, on PayPal remittances, on the Dutch Disease in Indonesia, and on foreign investment in Mozambique.


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