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Dominika Blachnicka-Ciacek

MA(Jagiellonian University), MA(Exeter), PhD(Goldsmiths)
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Dr Dominika Blachnicka-Ciacek
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Dominika Blachnicka-Ciacek is a Teaching Fellow in International Relations. She is also an Associate Lecturer in the Anthropology Department at Goldsmiths, University of London. Prior to this she was an Associate Lecturer at the Sociology Department at Goldsmiths.

She completed her PhD in Visual Sociology at Sociology Department, Goldsmiths, University of London in 2016, where she continues as Postdoctoral Visiting Fellow.

Her research and audio - visual practice focus on the intersections of memory, spatiality and displacement in the Middle Eastern and European contexts. In pursuing these interests she is especially interested in developing multi-media and interdisciplinary methodologies of social research attentive to accounting for the experiences of flight, forced migration and a social pain of exile.

Seeking inventive ways to translate her research into forms of public engagement she combines her academic research with curatorial and film – making practice. As part of her PhD she produced a series of documentaries called ‘The Chronotopes of Palestine’, which trace the issues of memory, erasure and return among three generations of dispossessed Palestinians. Her two recent exhibitions ‘Beirut–Warsaw. Re–birth’ (2014) explored the issues violence, space and urban memories of the post-war Warsaw and Beirut, while ‘Refugees Present/Absent’ (2016) juxtaposed the (mis) representations of the ‘refugee crisis’ in the European public discourse with the daily experiences of flight and involuntary immobility of refugees on the Balkan Route.

She is a regular contributor to Polish and international media outlets (Gazeta Wyborcza, Liberte!, Kultura Liberalna, Haaretz)

PhD Research

Dominka’s PhD research (2016) explored memories of ‘home’ and ‘homeland’ among three generations of Polish and British Palestinians refugees and examined the ways in which they relate to Palestine in the context of the ongoing dispossession. Engaging with James Clifford’s notion of ‘fieldwork as a travel practice’ her study was based on a multi-sited and multi-sensory ethnography, in which she moved back and forth between oral histories of Polish and British Palestinians narrated in Poland and UK and an audio-visual exploration of the sites narrated in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The collection of films called ‘The Chronotopes of Palestine’, which have accompanied the thesis, have been shown to academic and non-academic audiences in numerous locations, including London’s Mosaic Rooms in August 2016 and will be part of as part of the Royal Anthropological Institute Film Festival in Bristol in March 2017 as part of the online display.

Recently she has expanded her research interests in forced displacement to explore some of the aspects of the recent ‘refugee crisis’ in Europe. She has been working on the issues of representation of the crisis in political realm as well as collecting testimonies of people forced to flee their homeland on the so called ‘Balkan Refugee Route’ on the Serbian – Macedonian border. She has used these experiences to co-curate her most recent exhibition called ‘Refugees. Present/Absent’ (Autumn 2017).


Blachnicka-Ciacek, D. (2008) Najnowsza fala emigracji do Wielkiej Brytanii i Irlandii. Szansa czy zagrożenie dla modernizacji Polski? Polish – language monograph. Gdańsk: Instutut Badań nad Gospodarką Rynkową ISBN 9788376150031 [The new wave of the Polish migration to the UK and Ireland: Brain Drain of Brain Gain for Polish Development?]

Book chapters

Blachnicka-Ciacek, D. (forthcoming 2017) ‘The forgotten history of political and cultural exchanges between Communist Poland and the Palestinian Liberation Organization in the age of revolution’ in Past Disquiet. Narratives and Ghosts from International Art Exhibition for Palestine, Rasha Salti and Kristine Khrouri (eds.), Chicago: Chicago University

Blachnicka-Ciacek, D (2016 ) ‘Uchodźcy Palestyńscy i Prawo do Powrotu’ in: ‘Na Zachodnim Brzegu bez Zmian’, Konrad Pędziwiatr (ed). Polish – language edited volume. Warszawa: Książka i Prasa. ISBN 9788365304148 [‘Palestinian Refugees and the Right of Return’ in Nothing Changes in the West Bank.]

Blachnicka-Ciacek, D. (2014) ‘Travelling to Israel with a Map of 1948 Palestine: How to Face Absences we Encounter “in the Field”’ in The Future of Art is Urban: Artistic Research Practices and Methods in Social Sciences, Kata Halasz (ed). London: Goldsmiths, pp. 34-38.

Blachnicka-Ciacek, D. (2013) ‘Return(s) in the oral histories of the Palestinian Refugees’ in: From Return to Redress Realizing the Return of Palestinian Refugees, Tel Aviv: Zochrot pp. 9-11.


  • Transnational memory practices among displaced and migrant communities
  • Cartographies of migrations; ethnographies of the refugee trails and political economies of the sites of involuntary   immobility.
  • Home, belonging and production of space among migrant and refugee groups in the urban contexts
  • Audio-visual, multi – sensory methodologies of migration and movement