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Juliana Bosslet

MPhil (Universidade Federal Fluminense, UFF)
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Juliana Cordeiro De Farias Bosslet - HIS PHD -
Juliana Bosslet
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Waging another war: Social relations and the formation of a working class in Luanda, 1945-1975
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My research is on social history of labour in Luanda during the late colonial period. More specifically, I am looking into ways through which labourers, particularly Africans with little or no urban background, adapted themselves to and shaped the urban environment and labour practices in the capital-city of colonial Angola from the post-Second World War period to independence. Those are years of significant social change, marked by an intensive migratory movement from the metropole to the colony, a sharpening of racial segregation and the outbreak of the independence war. During this period Africans also witnessed a series of reforms on colonial legislation, the extension of Portuguese citizenship to all natives and the publication of new labour policies. My project marks an attempt to revisit labour history and to propose a different interpretation of the decolonisation process of Angola by focusing on a highly heterogeneous African working class, thus far usually taken as a homogenous urban mass.


  • BOSSLET, Juliana. A Luanda que a guerra deixou ou a guerra travada pelos que ficaram (1961-74). Revista Tempo, Espaço e Linguagem, v. 7, p. 118-139, 2016.
  • BOSSLET, Juliana. ‘O Problema do Lazer em Luanda: O controle do tempo livre do trabalhador como mecanismo de manutenção da ordem colonial (1961-1975)‘, Análise Social, no. 225, December 2017.


  • H110: Introduction to the History of Africa
  • H101: Approaching History. Module: Labour in Twentieth-Century Cities in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • H102: The History of the World
  • H201: Historical Research: Approaches, Methods, Design