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Miss Clare Williams

LLB (London School of Economics), LLM in East Asian Laws (University College London)
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Miss Clare Williams
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Beyond embeddedness: Re-sociologizing the Econolegal
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Professor Amanda Perry-Kessaris, Professor Diamond Ashiagbor

PhD Research

Clare's research analyses the impact of an on-going commitment to embeddedness in the discourse about the econolegal. Is the economy embedded in society? Or is society embedded in the economy? Karl Polanyi's "The Great Transformation" has been interpreted both ways. But neither offer us a way of responding to the financial crisis that is consistent with social constructivism. By moving the discourse beyond embeddedness, we can rethink economic and legal aspects of interactions, and challenge the dominance of econo-centric frames. Her thesis is illustrated using three case studies; the riots against foreign investment in Beragama (southern Sri Lanka), the World Bank's Investment Climate campaign, and a comparison of contemporary lay literature challenging current econo-centrism. She proposes an alternative framework.






Law, Economics, Sociology, Economic Sociology of Law, ESL, Economic Sociology,