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Winibaldus Stefanus Mere

MA in International Law (SOAS, London University), LLM in International Law with International Relations (Kent University, Canterbury)
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Winibaldus Stefanus Mere
Mr Winibaldus Stefanus Mere
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Making Multinational Enterprises Accountable: Enhancing Human Rights Due Diligence Obligation In Dealing With Corporate Complicity
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In the attempts to frame corporate human rights obligations, the newly adopted UN Framework on Business and Human Rights, - which comprises the state’s duty to protect human rights, the corporate responsibility to respect human rights and the duty to provide effective remedies, - has given particular attention to the issue of corporate complicity. To avoid liability risks of corporate complicity, as well as any business practices that infringe the rights of others, the corporations are required to exercise human rights due diligence. Since the Framework was first proposed in 2008 and further elaborated in the UN Guiding Principles 2011, the discussion about the implication of corporate human rights due diligence obligations for the institutionalization of mandatory regulatory standards for corporations to observe human rights in general has gained momentum. However its implications for the development of regulatory standards and policy measures in dealing with corporate complicity remains less debated and developed. Thus, my research considers the possibility for the institutionalization and utilization of regulatory standards at the state level and concrete human rights due diligence policy at the corporate level in order to enhance corporate due diligence obligations, which will not only effectively safeguard corporations against human rights abuses through complicit business relationships, but will also address corporate liability and remedies for the victims when corporate complicity infringes the rights of others.


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