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Dr Csaba Kiss

MA (ELTE, Budapest) DPhil (Oxon)
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Dr Csaba Kiss
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Kiss, Csaba. The Brahmayāmala or Picumata. Vol. II. The Religious Observances and Sexual Rituals of the Tantric Practitioner: Chapters 3, 21, and 45. A Critical Edition, Annotated Translation and Analysis. Collection Indologie 130, Early Tantra Series 3. Institut français de Pondichéry, École française d'Extrême-Orient, Asien-afrika-Institut, Universität Hamburg, 2015. 373 pp.


Rosalind O'Hanlon, Gergely Hidas, Csaba Kiss. 'Discourses of caste over the longue durée: Gopīnātha and social classification in India, ca. 1400-1900.' In: South Asian History and Culture 6 (2015): 102-129.

Kiss, Csaba. 'Yantras in Early Tantras.' In: Cracow Indological Studies vol. XVI (2014). Jagiellonian University, Institute of Oriental Philology. Kraków: Księgarnia Akademicka. pp. 203-234.

Kiss, Csaba. 'The Matsyendrasaṃhitā: a Yoginī-centered 13th-century yoga text of the South Indian Śāmbhava cult.' In: Yogi Heroes and Poets: Histories and Legends of the Nāths. eds. David Lorenzen, Adrián Muñoz. SUNY Press, 2011.

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Book review

Kiss, Csaba. 'Review of Yoga Powers: Extraordinary Capacities Attained through Meditation and Concentration. Ed. Knut A. Jacobsen (Brill's Indological Library 37.) 519 pp. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2012. in: Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, 75, pp. 599-600.



History of Indian religions; Śaivism; mediaeval history of yoga; castes; Indian poetry; Indian inscriptions.