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Robbie Campbell
Robbie Campbell
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Dyslexia, Sensory Ethnomusicology, and Chopi timbila Xylophone Music in Mozambique
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I was born in London and returned to education as a mature student following a career in the television industry. My research is driven by personal experiences of both dyslexia and music making.

PhD Research

Research overwhelmingly demonstrates critical parallels between Specific Learning Difficulties such as dyslexia, language and music making. My PhD explores the sensory-rich world of chopi timbila xylophone music making in Mozambique as a case study for processes of learning. I then pose the question: by extending concepts of existing interventions for dyslexia that involve rhythmic-based music programs, could chopi timbila music present and even better model for beneficial cognitive, neural and sensory development? Through the use of multi-media formats such as experimental video and photography, the research itself then acts as a model to challenge conventional ways of creating and presenting ideas and knowledge within academia.


  • Ethnomusicology
  • Sensory Ethnography
  • Sensory Ethnographic Film
  • Cognitive and Developmental Sciences
  • Dyslexia and related Specific Learning Differences (SpLDs)
  • Health and Wellbeing