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Gender Studies and Feminist Epistemology, Islam and Islamophobia, Spanish Colonialism in Morocco, and the History (Herstory), Culture, Literature and Politics of Colonial Morocco.



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Goikolea-Amiano, Itzea (2022) 'Bilingualism and ‘Significant Geographies’ in Moroccan Colonial Journals: Al-Motamid and Ketama, Modern Arabic Poetry and Literary History'. Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies, (24) 1, pp 49-73.

Goikolea-Amiano, Itzea and Simour, Lhoussain (2022) 'Moroccan subaltern voices narrated: the historical imaginary of race and the legacy of slavery in Rabbaj's'. Social Identities, (28) 1, pp 108-138.

Goikolea-Amiano, Itzea (2021) 'سياسات نفوذ الأندلس في الثقافة المغربية إبان الاستعمار: مجلتا 'المعتمد' و'كتامة' ودائرية التاريخ'. Alif, A Journal of Comparative Poetics, (41), pp 101-135.

Goikolea-Amiano, Itzea (2020) 'Nuevas musulmanas españolas: puzles identitarios y respuestas a los malestares espirituales y de género'. Arenal : Revista de Historia de las Mujeres, (27) 1, pp 65-93.

Goikolea-Amiano, Itzea (2020) 'Gender and Sexuality in early 19th-century Tunisia: a Decolonial Reading of Aḥmad b. al-Qāḍī al-Timbuktāwī’s naṣīḥa on the sub-Saharan diaspora'. Genre et Histoire, (25), pp 4983.

Goikolea-Amiano, Itzea (2020) 'Historizar para decolonizar'. Ayer. Revista de Historia Contemporánea, (117), pp 1407.

Goikolea-Amiano, Itzea (2018) 'Hispano-Moroccan Mimesis in the Spanish War on Tetouan and its Occupation (1859-62)'. Journal of North African Studies, (24) 1, pp 44-61.

Goikolea Amiano, Itzea (2016) '¿Empoderamiento y sumisión a Dios? La acción pía en las nuevas musulmanas del siglo XXI'. Feminismo/s 28, pp 191-211.

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Goikolea-Amiano, Itzea (2020) 'Review: "Colonial al-Andalus: Spain and the Making of Modern Moroccan Culture"'. Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies, (21) 2, pp 279-282.


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