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Dr Nora Parr is Postdoctoral Researcher for the Open World Research Initiative’s project on Creative Multilingualism. Her work explores the nexus of literature, theory, and translation. Her research for the AHRC-funded project examines notions of trauma in Arabic Literature from the Levant and Egypt. It forms a case study and experimental methodology for a larger question of ‘Translating Theory,’ which looks to cultural texts to re-define words that are often imported from a dominant context. This comes in the wake of a PhD project, currently being prepared as a monograph. The work, titled Nation Constellation, uses Palestinian literature—in particular the works of Ibrahim Nasrallah and his ‘Palestine Comedies’ and ‘Balconies’ series—to offer an alternative model for the imagined national community.

Prior to taking up her post, Dr Parr was Lecturer in Comparative Literature and English at King’s College, London, and held a 2015-16 Fellowship with the Council for British Research in the Levant (CBRL) at both the British Institute (Jordan), and the Kenyon Institute (East Jerusalem). Her PhD is from SOAS.



Arabic Literature, Palestine Studies, Critical Theory, Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, Nation and Nationalisms, Palestinian Literature, Postcolonial Studies, Concepts in History, Trauma Studies



Parr, Nora (2018) 'No more ‘eloquent silence’: Narratives of Occupation, Civil War, and Intifada write everyday violence and challenge Trauma Theory'. Middle East Topics and Arguments, (11) 2018.

Parr, Nora (2017) 'Coherence in a context of fragmentation: The missing letters in Adania Shibli’s Kulluna ba‘id bi-dhat al-miqdar ‘an al-hubb and We are all Equally Far from Love'. Commonwealth Essays and Studies, (39) 2, pp 51-61.

Parr, Nora (2015) 'Unbounded Space: Inter-textual Palestine in Ibrāhīm Naṣrallāh'sBalcony of Delirium'. Middle Eastern Literatures, (18) 1, pp 41-61.


Farag, Joseph R. and Ouyang, Wen-Chin and Beard, Michael and Parr, Nora E. (2015) 'Samīra Azzām's ‘Man and His Alarm Clock’' Middle Eastern Literatures, (18) 1, pp 86-92.

Book Reviews

Parr, Nora (2018) 'Book Review: Arabic literature for the classroom: teaching methods, theories, themes and texts'. Middle Eastern Literatures, (21) 1, pp 112-114.

Parr, Nora (2013) 'Review of: Silencing the Sea: Secular Rhythms in Palestinian Poetry. Khaled Furani. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2012.'. Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication, (6) 3, pp 355-358.

Parr, Nora (2013) 'Review of: Translating Egypt's revolution: the language of Tahrir'. Journal of African Cultural Studies, (25) 3, pp 366-367.


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