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Ms Alison Jin

BA (China) LLM (China)
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Xianan Alison Jin
Ms Alison Jin
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Women's (dis)engagement with politics in post-1994 Rwanda
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Xia Nan's research is looking at how women engage and disengage with politics in post-conflict societies. With Rwanda as the case study of her PhD, she is mapping out how power is (re)distributed in the gender policy in Rwanda, both as a post-conflict space but also as a political environment where autonomous political participation is not encouraged. Her PhD is investigating why some women disengage with politics actively and why some engage with politics, and how do they conceptualise politics in their everyday life. Particularly concerned about the politics of knowledge production, she employs several participatory visual methods in her ethnography, such as drawing, photography, etc. In doing so, women are at the centre of the knowledge production process, and therefore to decolonise and challenge the existing academic hegemonic power in the Global North.


  • Jin, Xia Nan (2019) ""Female Vendors’ (dis)engagement with Street Politics in Rwanda"" in: Faking It?: Conceptualising 'fake' in culture, society and academia' Conference, 11th-12th June 2019, University of Sussex.
  • Jin, Xia Nan (2019) ""Citizenship, gender and class: female street vendors in Kigali"" in: Rethinking the history of nationalism, from a transnational approach, 16th-17th May 2019, Chase, UK
  • Jin, Xia Nan (2018) ""Women's movement from a transnational perspective"" in: Feminisms from the Global South, 4th-11th September 2018, Chouftouhonna Feminist art festival, Tunis, Tunisia.


  • Centre for Gender Studies, University of Rwanda


  • African Feminism
  • Third-World Feminism
  • Transnational Feminism
  • Gender and Nation Building
  • Intersectionality
  • Feminist Ethnography