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Ms Wenwei Li

LLB(Shanghai), BA(Shanghai), MA(UAL)
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Wenwei Li
Ms Wenwei Li
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Promoting Sustainability in China and Consumer Psychology
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China has enjoyed significant economic growth over the last three decades. Such growth has led to significant social changes. Contrasting the rapid economic and social changes, environmental and ecological degradation is severe and imperative need to change. Hence, the Chinese government put effort in refining laws and regulations in relation to the environmental impact caused by industries, firms and individuals. Recently, the Chinese people start to put social pressures on firms to green their products and production process. This creates challenges and opportunities for firms in China. Green marketing strategies that identify the green consumer, predict and promote green products and build green brand equity are essential for firms to improve their market positions in China.


My research interests focus on the sustainability of marketing issues associated with Business-to-Consumer (B2C) relationships, especially how firms within industries promoting sustainability in China, and the strategies used to engage consumers with more sustainable products. Such interests include:

  • Consumer psychology
  • Green consumptions
  • Consumer engagement
  • Brand relationships
  • Sustainable fashion


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