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Mr Gromyko Dumuje

BA (Kings College, London), MA (Birkbeck, London)


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Mr Gromyko Dumuje
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Fragmented Memory In an Invented Land: The Absence of History in the Abacha Dictatorship of Nigeria
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The focal premise of my research explores Abacha’s Nigeria (1993 - 98) and how the concept of history as nations experience it, became fragmented, absent even, within the real boundaries of a tyrannical authority in the shape of General Abacha - and the conceptual boundaries of an invented land the British christened Nigeria in 1900. The historiographical concern of how history refracted in Abacha’s Nigeria sits at the root of my thesis, provoking enquiries concerning how Nigeria was conceived as a national historical space between 1993-98. In exploring the prevailing historical discourse of that period - and how this was articulated or re-articulated in relation to the nation’s past and history, my research will explore a range of archival evidence and sites. These sites of intellectual and cultural history will include museums and universities in Nigeria, with a specific focus on History departments and how history as a discipline was practiced and conceived during the Abacha years.