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Faizul Redhwan Karim

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Faizul Redhwan Karim
Mr Faizul Redhwan Karim
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Tuesdays 3-4pm (room 481)
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Gender Relations in the Qur'ān
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PhD Research

This research critically examines the concept of gender relations from outside the boundaries of maḥram (non-marriageable) relations. The research draws primarily on two strands of Qur'ānic content, the ayāt al-aḥkām (legal verses) and the qiṣaṣ (stories), as well as how these strands are informed in light of the tafsīr (exegetical) literature. This research draws upon and seeks to answer questions relating to issues of gendered space, gendered roles and limitations of interaction such as through prescriptions on clothing, within a Qur'ānic paradigm.


  • Gender Interaction in the Qur’ān: Synergy between the Ayāt al-aḥkām and the Qiṣaṣ (BRAIS, University of Exeter, April 2018)
  • Gender Relations in the Qur'ān (University of Sarajevo, August 2017)