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Sam Grant
Mr Sam Grant
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Metal Music and its Relationship to Folk Music and National Identity in the Middle East
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I am a part-time PhD student with a background in metal music journalism and A&R.

PhD Research

My research investigates the ways in which regional folk music styles are incorporated into metal music in the Middle East and how they promote a sense of national identity. Central to the research are the conceptual origins of the style known as “oriental metal”: the regional hybridisation of Middle Eastern folk music with metal music. The research looks at which folk music styles in the region are incorporated into oriental metal music and how bands represent and reinterpret their national identities through oriental metal. It focuses on where the incorporated folk music styles originate, where they are still practiced, why metal artists choose to integrate these styles into their music, where the metal scenes in the region are and their gender balance in comparison to those of folk music. It also aims to discover the reasons why there is no oriental metal in those countries which practice both folk and metal music.


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  • Grant, S., 2016. From Umm Kulthum to Orphaned Land: The influence of female musicians in constructing Israeli/Palestinian narratives. Metal Music Studies, 2(2), pp.215-232.


'Heavy metal migration, regional conflict and internet usage in the Mashriq', Middle East and Central Asian Music Forum, London, 29 Nov 2019.


  • Metal Music Studies
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Oud Music
  • Heavy Metal Music and Culture
  • Metal and Religion
  • Women in Metal