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Mr Kyungrok Kim

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Kyungrok Kim
Centre of Korean Studies

Visiting Scholar, Centre of Korean Studies

Mr Kyungrok Kim
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Kyungrok Kim was born in Ulsan, one of the most industrial cities in South Korea. After he had studied Politics at SNU for 4 years, he worked in the Korea National Assembly as a legislative aid for a number of months. He then worked as a journalist for 14 years. Now, he is a staff reporter in the Hankyoreh, daily newspaper in Korea.

Since the Global Financial Crisis (2008), he has written a lot of articles in the field of Economics. He has covered the Ministry of Strategy and Finance (MOSF), Financial Services Commission (FSC), and Bank of Korea (BOK). His greatest interest lies in fiscal policy, because the economic crisis has affected not only our lives, but also economic policies. He thinks that a more active fiscal policy is still necessary to move beyond low growth and income inequality.


Macroeconomic policy after the global financial crisis