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Daniel Mulugeta Gebrie
Department of Politics and International Studies

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Dr Daniel Mulugeta
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Daniel Mulugeta Gebrie was awarded a PhD in Politics from the University of Sheffield in January 2018. His thesis examined governance practices and the construction of state ideas in sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on Ethiopia.

His work combines anthropology/ethnography of the state, political imagination, practices of claims-making and the politics of development. Daniel holds MPhil and Masters degrees in Sociology from the University of Delhi, India and a BA in Sociology from Gondar University, Ethiopia. He previously worked as a Teaching Associate at the University of Sheffield.



Dr Gebrie's current research looks at the connections between architecture, and regional and Pan-African politics, as part of the Understanding Statehood through Architecture: a comparative study of Africa’s state buildings (ASA). He uses architecture as a prism for understanding the complexity of different styles of regional identity, politics and geographic imaginations in contemporary Africa.


Authored Books

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Mulugeta, Daniel (2020) The Everyday State in Africa: Governance Practices and State Ideas in Ethiopia. London: Routledge.


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Gallagher, Julia and Mulugeta, Daniel and Melake-Selam, Atnatewos and Tomkinson, Jo (2022) 'The histories buildings tell: aesthetic and popular readings of state meaning in Ethiopia'. Journal of Eastern African Studies. [Forthcoming]

Mulugeta, Daniel (2021) 'Pan-Africanism and the Affective Charges of the African Union Building in Addis Ababa'. Journal of African Cultural Studies, (33) 4, pp 521-537.

Mulugeta, Daniel (2019) 'Everyday conceptions of the state in Ethiopia: corruption discourses, moral idioms and the ideals of mengist'. Critical African Studies, (11) 3, pp 285-300.

Mulugeta, Daniel (2019) 'Dynamics of state-society relations in Ethiopia: paradoxes of community empowerment and participation in irrigation management'. Journal of Eastern African Studies, (13) 3, pp 565-583.


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