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Fang Wan

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Fang Wan
Fang Wan
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The Construction of Feminist Utopia in Chinese Internet Literature
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Fang Wan is a PhD student in Department of China and Inner Asia at SOAS University of London. Her current research focuses on Chinese internet literature and feminist culture. The working title of her PhD thesis is "The Construction of Feminist Utopia in Chinese Internet Literature". She is also interested in the interaction between new media and folk culture, digital humanities, modern and contemporary Chinese literature.

PhD Research

My PhD project mainly focuses on Chinese internet literature. The key research question is how the feminist utopia is constructed in Chinese internet literature through the interaction between female authors and readers. My project is interdisciplinary, including literary analysis, gender studies, media studies, some qualitative methods such as ethnographic method.


  • Fang Wan (2015). ‘The Study about Tough Journey in Culture of Yu Qiuyu’. Journal of Master Pieces Appreciation. 9, pp.118-120.
  • Fang Wan (2015) ‘Time, Aesthetics, and Modernity: Three Key words to Understand the Red Sorghum of Mo Yan’. Journal of Mang Zhong. 10, pp.5-6.
  • Fang Wan (2015) ‘The 21th Century Chinese Comedies Are on the Road’. Journal of Drama Literature. 11, pp.4-9.
  • Fang Wan (2016). ‘Overseas Sinology Study and the Trend of ""Rewriting the History of Literature”’. Journal of Sinophone Literature, 1, pp. 71-77. 


  • 24/02/2017-25/02/2017
    Harvard East Asia Society Conference
    Presentation title: “Gazing Back: Reversion of Gender Power in Contemporary Chinese and Japanese Literature”
  • 26/05/2016-27/05/2016
    Forgotten Books and Cultural Memory Conference, Taipei
    Presentation title: “The Oblivion of the Last Phase of Hao Ran’s Literary Works in the 21st Century: the Forgotten Precursor for Current Underclass Writing”


British Comparative Literature Association


  • Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature
  • Gender Studies
  • Media Studies
  • Digital Humanities
  • Folk Culture