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So Young Kim
Centre of Korean Studies

Visiting Scholar, Centre of Korean Studies

Ms So Young Kim
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So Young Kim studied for her LLB and LLM at the Seoul National University of South Korea and passed the Korean Law Bar Exam with the highest score in that year. Subsequently, she started her career as a judge at the Seoul Civil District Court.

During the course of her career, So Young was the first female judge to become the Chief Judge of a branch court and was one of the first female judges to become a Supreme Court Justice in South Korea. She has also headed the National Court Administration during the last year of her Justiceship at the Supreme Court of South Korea. Throughout her career, she has striven to further the representation of female judges in judicial administration.

Her Justiceship expired during a time of turmoil for the South Korean judiciary and she now wishes to undertake further research into the field of judicial administration to explore forms of interaction between judicial functions and public policy. 


So Young Kim's research is a comparative study into the evolution of constitutional mechanisms governing the interaction between judicial functions and public policy. The research will examine, in particular, the limits of judicial administrative powers and investigatory powers of the prosecution and identify the ideal form of judicial administration in the backdrop of judicial turmoil in South Korea.