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Geir Helgesen
Centre of Korean Studies

Research Associate, Centre of Korean Studies

Dr Geir Helgesen
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Dr Geir Helgesen was trained as a researcher at the Institute of Cultural Sociology at University of Copenhagen. His MA and PhD focused on the political culture of the divided Korea.

Currently he serves as Director of NIAS, the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, a research centre attached to the Institute of Political Science at University of Copenhagen.

NIAS is a repository of Asian language sources for Nordic institutions of higher education. Currently it is providing digital resources to 25 Nordic universities and research centres.  

Geir is retiring the position as director of NIAS at the end of 2018, and will then take up a position as Research Associate at NIAS, a position he also held at FDDI, the Fudan Development Institute.     


Geir's research will continue to concentrate on cross-cultural issues in the ongoing normalization process between the two systems on the Korean peninsula. An edited book with the working title De-demonizing North Korea will be published in 2019, and if accepted by the Centre, a workshop on a closely related topic will be organized at the SOAS Centre of Korean Studies in the first part of 2019.