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Yuet Heng (Janet) Wong

BA (HKU) MPhil (HKU)
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Yuet Heng (Janet) Wong
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The Global Construction of the Concept of “Lingnan Culture” in the 20th Century: Chao Shao-an (1905-1998)’s Arts, their Replicas, and Public Representations
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Yuet Heng (Janet) WONG is a PhD candidate of the Department, under the supervision of Professor Shane McCausland. As a recipient of the Hong Kong Government Scholarship for Excellence Scheme, she works on the so-called “Lingnan School of Painting”, with an emphasis on the arts by Chao Shao-an (1905-1998) and their visual and public representations, including a number of exhibitions, publications, and replicas. She is interested in exploring how the concept of “Lingnan culture/ cultural identity” has been interpreted, constructed, and transformed inside and outside the “Lingnan” region, including Hong Kong, Guangdong, Taiwan, Singapore, Western Europe, and the United States. Her fieldwork in the US and Asia is funded by the L’Ecole française d'Extrême-Orient and the Universities’ China Committee in London.
She completed her BA in art history and European Studies, and her MPhil in art history at the University of Hong Kong. Her MPhil thesis concerns the Sino-French artistic interaction, looking into the collecting and display of Chinese art in late 19th-century French houses and museums.


  • L’Ecole française d'Extrême-Orient (Hong Kong centre), visiting scholar


  • Sino-French artistic interaction
  • Museum studies
  • Post-colonial theory
  • Chinese painting


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