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Dr Bistra Apostolova


Bistra Apostolova
Department of Development Studies

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Dr Bistra Apostolova
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Professor at the Law School of the University of Brasilia (UnB). PhD in History from UnB. MSc in Law from UnB. Bachelor’s degree in Law. Majoring fields: History of Law; History of Brazilian Law; Legal Education; Women’s Law; Law & Literature. Extensive experience with evaluations of law courses for Brazil’s Ministry of Education, and with the design of pedagogical projects. Coordinates research and extension project in Human rights and gender.


Law and society

Research group focused on linkages among rights, social sciences and philosophy

Human rights and gender: Lessons on law and citizenship

Continuous extension project linked to the Extension Office of the University of Brasilia. This project has been active since 2004 with the task of coordinating a Popular Legal Promoters course, which cultivates a dialogue space for themes of law, citizenship and justice in connection with gender issues. This course is exclusively taught to women in two locations of the Federal District’s periphery – Ceilândia and São Sebastião – to encourage a critical outlook regarding sexist attitudes and violations of rights. This project also seeks to promote extension activities among university students, based on the view that extension is one of the leading pathways to high level legal education and training.


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